Walter Mitty Hunt Community

Walter Mitty Hunt Community expose fake servicemen/women and war veterans pretending to be serving or ex members of the British Armed Forces for gain, reward or personal stature in benefiting from stolen valour. Reasons for this compulsive lying are numerous – from gaining favourably in the eyes of women, impressing friends and peers, or for scamming financial assistance from female partners or military charities.

The Walter Mitty Hunt Community was first founded in 2012 by a web design & search engine optimisation specialist and computer network engineer Tim Wade, and was at time both on the WMHC facebook page and a website called

Such was the novelty of the idea in exposing these frauds, other rival groups quickly formed and the competition to “out the Walt” had began. The internet craze, in complete British Army style got competitive and aggressive as thousands of servicemen competed to hunt the Walter Mittys across social networks and other military forums, blogs, business websites, remembrance sundat parades and military events.

Other unscrupulous pages lay green with envy at the success of the WMHC, and soon started spreading pages of lies and libel concerning Tim Wade who founded the Walt Hunting phenonema. Whilst most competed fairly and respectfully towards the service personnels mutual goal, others such as the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ (or WMHCHQ for short) and a supposed military forum that is largely full of cadets and Walters itself called ARRSE; belittled themselves in the eyes of the genuine military community by bullying, spreading lies and trying to discredit the original WMHC page and Tim Wade personally – often calling to account Tims personal integrity and his professional reputation that is all so obvious from the calibre of business clients on his web design and SEO website.

Tim? Bothered? No, as a true professional he can handle criticism and is more than chilled in the Alps in Italy, where he entertains friends for holidays in Italy, and snowboards every day of the winter season. He’s so chilled out and laid back he’s successfully studying visual effects, filmmaking and is slowly creating his own film production company.